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Top Lip Care Tips During Winter

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Top Lip Care Tips During Winter

Chapped lips can stain your overall appearance. Apart from the unsightly look, it creates problem while applying lipsticks. Sometimes, it may even bleed causing a lot of pain. Hence, it is crucial to take good care of lips during winter and most importantly, way before winter arrives.
Chapped lips can stain your overall appearance. Apart from the unsightly look, it creates problem while applying lipsticks. Sometimes, it may even bleed causing a lot of pain. Hence, it is crucial to take good care of lips during winter and most importantly, way before winter arrives.

Here are some of the proven treatments for lip care during winters:

Hydrate from Within

Winter season dehydrates lips. Hence, it is important that you take special care to keep them hydrated from within. A healthy and hydrating diet, such as drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water in a day, eating fresh vegetables and fruits (loaded with water content), and foods rich in vitamins A and C will help a lot. So include oranges, watermelon, kiwi, cantaloupe, watery veggies such as tomatoes, celery, cucumbers, carrots, apples, and zucchini in your diet.

Vitamin A is important for maintaining and repairing skin tissue and vitamin C increases collagen production to make lips more supple and full. It also ensures ample protectionfrom damaging ultraviolet rays of the sun.


This is one of the best exfoliators for lips. It heals chapped lips faster and naturally. Sugar replaces old skin with new and healthier skin. All you need to do is combine two teaspoons of sugar with a teaspoon of honey. Now apply the mixture to your lips and then leave it on your lips for around five minutes. Rub the mixture gently onto your lips. This is important loosen dead skin. Lastly, wash off the mixture with warm water. Using this mixture twice a week will help the lips get rid of dead skin, heal naturally and even improve the color.

No Licking

Beauty experts consider licking is one of the worst habits and it may be immensely damaging to lips. Saliva from your mouth getting in contact with lips will lead to quick evaporation and dries them out more. So abandon this habit as soon as possible to avoid dry and dehydrated lips.

Add moisture to lips with a lip balm. Chewing gum or sucking on a hard piece of candy will also make you stop licking your lips. Peeling or biting lips will make them worse. This will also lead to bleeding lips.


Drinking an adequate amount of water is not just important to stay alive, but also for your skin health. So, focus on drinking at least 8-10 glasses of water each day. Filtered water is the best option to clear out any bacteria and toxins that may damage your skin.

Opt for a Humidifier

Winter air can make lips dry, chapped and cracked. Warm air from central heating or a fireplace will also add to the dryness of the air, resulting in severe dryness.

A humidifier at home and office will result in moisturized lips. Moist air will help skin and lips remain hydrated. The setting should be kept between 30 and 50 percent.


Pure honey is one of the best natural ingredients for ensuring good lip health. Most beauty experts recommend this lips care tips in winter. They believe that it is one of the many natural moisturizers you will find on earth. The antibacterial and healing properties of honey ensure beautiful skin, excellent health and attractive lips. Pour a very small amount of honey on a cotton swab. Now spread it across your lips. Leave it on the lips for around 3 minutes and wash it off. Follow this routine daily until the condition relieves.

Right Choice of Lip Balm

Choose lip balms with extra moisturizing agents during winters. These include shea butter, honey, beeswax, jojoba oil, aloe vera, and coconut oil. The lip balm should have at least 15 SPF to protect from damage of ultra violet rays of the sun.

Rose Petals

Roses are beautiful. They also contain properties to make the skin more beautiful. Rose petals can be effectively used to moisturize chapped lips. Wash around 4-5 rose petals in water. Now put these into a small bowl of milk. Let these soak in milk for around two hours. Using a rolling pin, create a paste of milk and rose petals. Apply this mixture to your upper and lower lips. Leave overnight. Repeat the process every alternate day. You will have softer, pink lips.

Quit Smoking

Chain- smokers have dark lips due to the dehydrated effect on skin, resulting in cracked lips. The nicotine content extracts iron out of the body resulting skin discoloration. So for moisturized pink lips, bid adieu to smoking as soon as possible.

Coconut Oil

Also considered as a natural moisturizer, the oil is one of the best anti-aging ingredients. The fats in coconut oil will do wonders to moisturize and soften lips. Organic coconut oil is an anti-aging element that eliminates aging lines, wrinkles, and fine lines. Apply coconut oil on your lips every night.

Caffeine Intake

You need to play safe during winter. Coffee tends to dehydrate skin and lips. So it is important to control your caffeine intake. It has a mild diuretic effect and decreases levels of body fluid resulting in dehydration. You may try out an herbal tea. These are hydrating.

Use Glycerin

Widely deemed as an all-natural skin moisturizer that increases the pace of healing dry and chapped lips, glycerin is one of the best ingredients you can rely on. It seals in moisture and softens your lips. Try applying a few drops of glycerin on your lips a few times throughout the day as required. You will get smoother, pinker, and nourished lips of your dreams.


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