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What is gel manicure

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Most salons use ultra violet lamps to polish nails in nail manicures. However, to set the nails completely, you have to keep the hand inside the lamp until the gel manicure dries and sets. Nowadays the trend of gel manicure has increased considerably. A study has shown that using UV lamps can damage the skin around the nails and may even be prone to skin cancer. Let us know some important things about gel manicure from Cosmetic Dermatologist. Learn about Gel Manicure According to research, only 12 times the effect of using UV rays on the skin starts appearing on the nails. Your nails can start showing its harmful effects within 6 months of manicure.

There is a need to impose strict restrictions on UV lamps used in salons. How fast light comes out of the lamp and how long you take the light on your nails depends on how much damage will be done to the skin. Different lamps are used in every salon and the entire manicure takes about eight minutes. The position of the UV lamp is also very important in damaging the skin. How to avoid If taking antibiotics, contraceptives and estrogen, etc., use an air dryer.

These drugs make the skin more sensitive to UV rays. If you are using any supplement then you should stay away from UV lamp. Clean all skin, cosmetic, perfume and skin care products (except sunscreen) with a good skin before using the lamp. The materials found in these things can make the skin more sensitive to UV rays. Cut the UV protection gloves (gloves) from the end and place your hand in the lamp. In this way UV rays will only fall on the nails.

Apply at least SPF 15 or more sunscreen. Apply sunscreen after filling the nails. Apply water resistant sunscreen. The nail cleansing session should not be longer than eight minutes. Many salons tend to favor the over-cover more than the under core, so make sure that your hands do not stay under the lamp for longer than necessary.

Nail polish should not be applied on the nails before putting in the lamp. If you see any damage on your nails, use an air dryer and ignore the UV lamp. If you only like gel polish, then use the air dryer for more than half the time. Talk to a dermatologist if you see any damage around the nails or even a mild stain around the skin.


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