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Does skin also keep fast?

  Beauty Secret Information       Monday, February 18, 2019
Skin fasting is a Japanese beauty hack which is becoming very popular on social media nowadays. There is a fast for not applying the skin products on the face for one or two days so that the skin can breathe. It is believed that due to the use of skin products, the natural skin oil ends. Because of this, the skin becomes dry. Beauty experts say that skin fasting has its advantages and disadvantages.

This includes not using a night moisturizer for a week or two, and staying away from makeup for at least a week. This fixes the secretion of natural oil in the skin, thereby stopping the process of over-moisturizing. After this it is advisable to apply more night moisturizer on dry skin and less on oily skin. However, now there have been many changes in this idea, in which the use of skin products is to be stopped altogether for two or three days.

Skin experts say that people have misunderstood skin fasting. If we do not use skin products for weeks, it can cause sun damage, sunburn, dry skin, acne etc.

Healthy skin requires a better skin care routine that includes cleanser, sunscreen, day cream and night cream. Night cream is very important as it corrects the damage to the skin throughout the day.

This skin is not fast

Like our body, the skin also needs the necessary nutrients and your skin is only dependent on water to keep distance from skin products. Not applying sunscreen can have harmful effects of sun rays on the skin. Skin does not recover quickly if night antioxidant cream is not applied. Apart from this, if you do not take acne or pigmentation medication, skin related problems may increase. At the same time, people who have recently done peeling have to follow post treatment skin care. Scientific confirmation about the benefits of skin fasting has also not been done yet. Many studies have shown that regular skin care is necessary for skin.

Dermotologists say that many people use skin products excessively while not giving enough time for the skin to heal, which is where skin fasting is needed. It is not right for all skin types to completely stay away from skin products. If you are still on skin fasting then definitely use sunscreen and cleanser.

More moisturizing is wrong

Dermotologists and cosmetologists say that this type of fasting can worsen acne-related problems. Instead people should avoid making too much layer of makeup on their skin as it stops the pores. Be sure to apply sunscreen before leaving the house and it is better to use one or two creams than a moisturizer.

Skin fasting can cause harm to your skin instead of benefits.


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